• Our vision is to help end homelessness

  • Delivering services and programming in various locations

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    Providing specialized health care in the community


Who We Are

Inner City Health Associates (ICHA) is group of more than 80 physicians working in over 44 shelters and drop-ins across Toronto. ICHA provides primary, mental health and palliative care to those who do not otherwise have access to care. We serve people living on the street and in shelters as well as those who are precariously housed. ICHA is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care through an alternative payment plan.

Resources at a Glance

Poverty Tool

Ontario Medical Review - Poverty Series 2013

Centre for Urban Health Solutions (C-UHS)

Street Health Reports

Featured Articles

Palliative Care Services for People Experiencing Homelessness in Toronto.  A preliminary needs assessment – Centre for Urban Health Solutions, Survey research Unit, St. Michael’s Hospital, May 12, 2017

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Forty is too young to die - A call for action from Toronto’s Early-Onset Illness and Mortality Working Group.

Advance care planning, palliative care, and end-of-life care interventions for homeless people: A systematic review (June 2016) - SAGE

Minding the gap: Access to Palliative Care and the Homeless (November 2015) - BMC Palliative Care

Understanding community integration in a Housing First approach: Toronto At Home/Chez Soi community-based research (June 2015) - Intersectionalities

Health interventions for people who are homeless (October 2014) - The Lancet

Different faces of discrimination: Perceived discrimination among homeless adults with mental illness in healthcare settings (September 2014) - BMC Health Services Research

Healthcare utilization, legal incidents, and victimization following traumatic brain injury in homeless and vulnerably housed individuals: A prospective cohort study (March 2014) - Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation

A comprehensive assessment of health care utilization among homeless adults under a system of universal health insurance (December 2013) - American Journal of Public Health

High utilizers of emergency health services in a population-based sample of homeless adults (December 2013) - American Journal of Public Health

Health Tips

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