Resources & Tools

Tools for Service Providers, Patients and Services

Are you a frontline healthcare provider working with the inner city population and looking for easy-to-use tools to access information on key services? Are you a person experiencing poverty or homelessness and are looking for information on where to access key services? Click here to get access to a poverty tool, service guides for people experiencing homelessness or uninsured, a list of dental clinics and more. We also provide links to key websites and community agencies that provide helpful information. 

Homeless Services Map

Research and Publications

For the policy wonks and research nerds, we have posted some key publications, research reports and links to research hubs that continually remind us of the relevance of this work and the context within which we are operating. Click here to get access to reports about Toronto's inner city population, research on the links between homelessness and health, data collected by the city and some government reports stating their poverty reduction plans.