Who We Serve

ICHA's mandate is to serve people experiencing or at risk of homelessness.  We work in a large number of sites including shelters, drop-in centres, and mobile teams and see a wide variety of individuals from site to site. Some sites such as Sistering serve only women, often with concerns pertaining to mental illness and addictions on top of homelessness or precarious housing. Other sites such as Christie Refugee Welcome Centre serve refugee claimant families, newly arrived in Canada, and address acute mental health concerns while also addressing preventive care. Others still serve only men, only youth or have a special focus on the Aboriginal population. 

Since ICHA's beginning, we have served over 32,000 unique individuals in Toronto. Many of these are people we see at multiple sites, while others are for continuing care at one specific site. We know that the population we serve suffers disproportionately from both physical and mental health concerns. 

Between April 2016 - March 2017, we saw 4,888 unique clients and the total number of encounters during this time was 18,841. This represents 3.9 visits/patient over all program areas. Primary care represented 72% of these visits.  Patient gender was 35% female and 65% male.