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Community Advisory Committee


ICHA is committed to meeting the needs of the community its serves. To better understand these needs, ICHA has created an Advisory Committee to help provide strategic direction and feedback about the activities and direction of the organization.


The advisory committee will typically be composed of non-ICHA members. Consumers will represent the majority of the committee, as well as individuals who represent the consumer's of ICHA's services. Also included will be representatives of partner agencies and individuals with an interest in health care and the mission of ICHA. It is possible that committee members may have several roles as consumers and also be representing differing partner organizations. Individuals will be representing themselves as individuals rather than any particular organizations.

Current Members:

Alexander Zsager, Chair
Stacey Bowen
Robert Cotie
Sarah Collins
Tebasum Durrani
Vera Voroskolevska
Pat Stevens
Joanne Votour