COVID-Alert Risk Evaluation and Management (CARE) Tool

June 3, 2020

Please find the most recent version of the CARE tool at the link here.

The COVID-Alert Risk Evaluation and Management (CARE) Tool, developed by ICHA's Population Medicine Team, is now available in PDF form below. We at ICHA are proud of the accomplishments made by the Population Medicine Team along with the CARE volunteers and look forward to the next phase of the project. Some considerations for using the CARE tool include:

• The CARE tool provides a rapid assessment of the risk of severe COVID-19 complications and support needs for individuals and communities. It is not a comprehensive health or housing assessment.
• The CARE tool does not assign housing or hotel spaces. This information can be used to support physical distancing and housing efforts in the context of COVID-19.
• The tool is suited for implementation in a variety of settings with providers and clients who wish to use it.