ICHA Board Recruitment

July 14, 2017

The Board of Inner City Health Associates is currently seeking new members. For the first time, we are seeking to fill 2 positions on our 8-member Board with non-ICHA members. We are hoping you can recommend qualified individuals for these positions.

We are specifically seeking individuals who support our mission of providing high quality health care to homeless individuals, and who have expertise or experience in public or corporate board governance, financial and/or legal management. We would like our Board to reflect the diversity of our community, and we especially encourage individuals who possess the skills we are seeking, and representing Toronto’s ethnic diversity, people who identify as indigenous, people with disabilities, and people with lived experience of homelessness to apply.

The Board meets for 2 hours on a weekday evening every 1-2 months, and some additional committee work is expected of all Board members. Board members are elected at the ICHA Annual General Meeting in the fall, serve for a 3-year term, and are remunerated for their meeting time.

Please contact Jill Ramdin, ramdinj@smh.ca by August 15, 2017, if you would like to recommend yourself or anyone you know for consideration for Board membership. Please include a brief description of your rationale for suggesting this individual.