Last Rights - Megaphone Magazine

October 11, 2018

Written by Simon Cheung for Megaphone Magazine with support from ICHA's Naheed Dosani, the article dives in and discusses the hurdles that come with meeting the needs of vulnerable populations.  Here is an excerpt:

In Toronto, Dr. Naheed Dosani has been prolific in creating such supports. In 2014, he founded the PEACH (Palliative Education and Care for the Homeless) mobile health care program with Inner City Health Associates (ICHA), and continues to serve as its palliative care lead. He is also the medical director at Journey Home Hospice, which opened April 2018 with four beds (set to expand to 10). Dosani hopes to grow the hospice into “centre for excellence,” providing clinical care, education and research on palliative care for structurally vulnerable people. 

Despite receiving accolades for these projects, Dosani assesses the overall situation as far from ideal. 

“It’s unfortunate that we live in a society where specialty teams have to exist to support the homeless and vulnerably housed at the end of life,” he says. “If we truly were building the vision of medicare in an equitable society, everybody gets access to an equitable approach to palliative care—whether they’re in prison, whether they’re in a shelter, whether they have intellectual disabilities. What you’re seeing popping up in terms of these programs and systems is a patchwork-style approach to a levelling of the playing field.” 

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