OPA presents Breakout Community Psychiatry Advocacy Award to Dr. Michaela Beder

March 15, 2018

Members of Health Providers Against Poverty, (left to right): Andrew Silverthorn, social worker, Samantha Green, family physician, Michaela Beder, psychiatrist (centre), Llijah Pearce, registered nurse and Madeleine Ritts, social worker.  (Vince Talotta / Toronto Star)

The OPA Council is pleased to announce the winner of the OPA Breakout Community Psychiatry Advocacy Award - Dr. Michaela Beder

Advocacy is the foundation of Dr. Beder’s work as she is driven to improve the lives of individual clients and the broader political and policy landscape. Dr. Beder uses her skills as a psychiatrist to engage in collaborative work and to provide an evidence-based lens to the social issues that impact the individuals she serves. Her advocacy work has focused on a few main areas including immigration detention, poverty and homelessness, and access to healthcare for people without immigration status. 

Dr. Beder completed her Bachelor of Arts (2004) at Mount Allison University, her Doctor of Medicine (2008) at McMaster University, her Residency in Psychiatry (2013) at the University of Toronto, and a Fellowship in Public Psychiatry (2014) at Columbia University. Currently, Dr. Beder is a Staff Psychiatrist (2014-present) at St. Michael’s Hospital and a Lecturer (2015-present) in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto. Additionally, as the Advocacy Lead for the University of Toronto Department of Psychiatry (2015-present), Dr. Beder has led advocacy initiatives and mentored residents. Her clinical work is with people who are marginalized, including refugees, and with an ACT team that serves many people who experience homelessness. Her career to date has focused on improving the lives of people who are most disadvantaged in society. 

The OPA Breakout Community Psychiatry Advocacy Award is supported by the Council of the Ontario Psychiatric Association. This award recognizes contributions to the profession of psychiatry and to the public by a psychiatrist engaging in grassroots advocacy in their local area. The award will be presented to Dr. Beder at the OPA AGM on March 23, 2018.

Excerpt Credit - OPA Website : Awards Page

Photo Credit - Vince Talotta/Toronto Star : Fix unacceptable conditions at emergency warming centres