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The Homeless Charter was launched in Calgary on June 18, 2015 by the Calgary Homeless Foundation. This charter is the first of its kind and aims to promote the rights of those...

On Sunday April 5th at 2pm EST, the CBC Radio show Tapestry aired a documentary about ICHA's palliative care program.

To listen to the segment: http://www.cbc.ca/radio/tapestry

Click here to read a recent CMAJ reflection piece by ICHA psychiatrist, Richard Doan.

Click here to read the recent letter submitted to the Toronto Star by the...

As of November 5th, the Government will implement temporary measures to provide more health care coverage for refugees.

Details can be found here.

ICHA Board member Dr. Gary Bloch talks about links between poverty and health. Read the full article here.

ICHA supports efforts to stop proposed new legislation that would deny refugee claimants access to social assistance. Bill C-585 is a private member's bill put forward by Conservative MP Corneliu Chisu that would  allow provinces to restrict access to social assistance for refugee claimants. As...

Read ICHA's letter to the Minister of Health on the development of a pan-Canadian palliative care strategy on our Advocacy page.

Read ICHA's letter to the Minister of Health on the...

In the news: ICHA's letter to the editor in The Star in response to a column describing the challenges of getting homeless individuals linked to family physicians in the community.


In the news: Global TV's interview with Dr. Naheed Dosani discussing the launch of the new PEACH program.



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