Speak Up About Mental Health

By: ICHA Community Nurse Coordinator, Namarig Ahmed
Mental Health Week is May 4-10, 2015
Children’s Mental Health Week is May 3-9, 2015
Mental Health Week is a national event in the first week of May to bring awareness and encourage dialogue about mental health. Speak-up about mental health with your family, friends and healthcare providers.Bring awareness to mental health by speaking about it, what it means to you and those around you.
Here are some conversation starters:
  • We all have mental health, just as we all have physical health.
  • How you are feeling (your emotions) is one aspect of mental health. Recognize your emotions.
  • About half (49%) of people who are dealing with depression or anxiety have not seen a doctor about the problem.
  • 1 out of 5 children who have mental health issues receive care.
Mental illnesses can be treated!
By talking about mental health and mental health issues you will bring awareness and support the journey towards recovery for yourself and those around you. Speak-up about mental health!
For more information please check the following websites:
Canadian Mental Health Association http://www.cmha.ca/
By: ICHA Community Nurse Coordinator, Namarig Ahmed - See more at: http://www.icha-toronto.ca/node/187#sthash.wYmtKmW2.dpuf