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Hospitals, clinics, and palliative care units: Place-based experiences of formal healthcare settings by people experiencing structural vulnerability at the end-of-life (Melissa Giesbrechta,Kelli I. Stajduhara, Ashley Mollisona, Bernie Pauly, Sheryl Reimer-Kirkhamd, Ryan McNeile, Bruce Wallaceg, Naheed Dosanih, Caelin Rosea)

People 'dying unnecessarily' because of racial bias in Canada's health-care system, researcher says - Dr. Janet Smylie researches anti-Indigenous racism in Canada's health-care system and says it's a major factor in health inequities between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Canada (Emily Blake · CBC News ·
Doctor hits the road to deliver palliative care to Toronto's homeless (Kas Roussy · CBC News ·
City budget cuts will harm those most vulnerable (

The Cost of Poverty Affects Us All (Gary Bloch - Toronto Star - Dec 6, 2016)

Minding the gap: Access to Palliative Care and the Homeless (Lise Huynh, Blair Henry, Naheed Dosani, BMC Palliative Care)

Understanding community integration in a Housing First approach: Toronto At Home/Chez Soi Community-based Research (Linda Coltman, Susan Gapka, Dawnmarie Harriott, Michael Koo, Jenna Reid, Alex Zsager - June 2015)

Health interventions for people who are homeless (Stephen W. Hwany, Tom Burns - The Lancet - Oct 25, 2014)

Different faces of discrimination: Perceived discrimination among homeless adults with mental illness in healthcare settings (Anna Skosireva, Patricia O'Campo, Suzanne Zerger, Catharine Chambers, Susan Gapka, Vicky Stergiopoulos - BMC Health Services Research - Sept 7, 2014)
Healthcare Utilization, Legal Incidents, and Victimization following Traumatic Brain Injury in Homeless and Vulnerably Housed Individuals: A Prospective Cohort Study (To MJ, OʼBrien K, Palepu A, Hubley AM, Farrell S, Aubry T, Gogosis E, Muckle W, Hwang SW - Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation - March 2014)
A comprehensive assessment of health care utilization among homeless adults under a system of universal health insurance (Stephen W. Hwang, Catharine Chambers, Shirley Chiu, Marko Katic, Alex Kiss, Donald A. Redelmeier, and Wendy Levinson - American Journal of Public Health - December 2013)
High utilizers of emergency health services in a population-based sample of homeless adults (Chambers C, Chiu S, Katic M, Kiss A, Redelmeier DA, Levinson W, Hwang SW - American Journal of Public Health - December 2013)