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CATCH: Coordinated Access To Care from Hospital

CATCH connects people to health care resources in the community

CATCH Homeless: Coordinated Access to Care for the Homeless


What you need to know about CATCH:

CATCH is a program which helps people who have unmet complex health care needs to access health resources in the community:

  • CATCH-Homeless – people who are homeless and not connected to services, with or without mental health or addiction problems (the original CATCH program). CATCH-Homeless is a collaboration between St. Michael's Hospital, Inner City Health Associates and Toronto North Support Services. 

CATCH Transitional Case Managers (TCMs) are now working from the St. Michael's Hospital, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Emergency and St. Joseph's Health Centre departments.  If on-site, CATCH TCMs will meet with patients in the ED or the inpatient unit immediately upon referral.  If not on-site, CATCH-TCMs will connect with and meet referred clients in the community.  CATCH Transitional Case Managers work with family physicians, psychiatrists, and other service providers to support patients’ access to medical care, mental health and addictions services, and other resources in the community.

How do I make a referral?

CATCH accepts referrals from partner hospitals. Complete the CATCH referral form and fax it to the CATCH Office at 416-864-5467.  If you don’t know which program would be most appropriate for your patient, or if you have any other questions, call 1-877-482-4595 and one of the program coordinators will answer your questions.

  • CATCH-Homeless Coordinator - Jason Kuhar at 416-864-5347
  • CATCH Program Coordinator - Charlene Crews, 416-864-6060 ext 4056

Once a referral is made, what can a patient expect?

Once a referral is made to CATCH, the CATCH TCMs will meet with the person, seek to understand his/her immediate needs, and link the person to resources in the community.  CATCH team members follow up to ensure patients are connected successfully to the care they need.


Be sure to get in touch with your CATCH Coordinator if your contact information or health needs change.


Referral Form:

CATCH Homeless:   Download a copy of the CATCH Homeless referral form click here

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