Andrew Bond

Dr. Andrew Bond, Medical Director at ICHA, is a settler from Winnipeg who completed his training in Kingston, Ottawa, and Toronto. Prior to joining ICHA in 2017 he provided comprehensive care for 10 years in Indigenous Nations including Moose Cree, Attawapiskat, and Kashechewan First Nations as well as Sioux Lookout, ON; Iqaluit, NU; and Haida Gwaii; Andrew also practiced emergency medicine in the Ottawa valley from 2015-2017. His core commitments are to improving the health of oppressed peoples living under threat and working as an ally in the reclamation of self-determination amongst Indigenous Nations, including health governance. At ICHA, he works clinically in the mobile STOP program in partnership with the Fred Victor Centre. Andrew is currently completing an MHA at the Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy focusing on Indigenous Health Organization governance and management (University of Saskatchewan/University of Regina)